Registrations for Winter 2019 are now closed.

Any enquiries please contact us.

This form is to register for the 2019 Winter Season. Forms and full payment must be received by 20th January 2019 to secure a place in a team.
Fees are $150 for junior and senior players.
If you are registering two or more players, fill in the form for the first player, click the submit button and then repeat the process for the 2nd and subsequent player(s).

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This medical information is necessary to protect your child/yourself. Wesley Netball Club views your child’s/your privacy as a top priority and abides by the principles of the Australian Privacy Act 1988.

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We greatly appreciated the help of volunteers in many areas of our club's operation. If you would like to find out more about how to help, please indicate your interests below and provide other details as necessary.

Coaching a teamUmpiring on SaturdaysTeam managerCoaching/Umpiring clinicsProviding sponsorship
Please indicate if you have the following... Current Police CheckCurrent First Aid Certificate


I give permission for photos of myself/my child to be included in club promotions and publications.


I will be claiming a Sports Voucher (Primary school age only - see FAQ).



In the event of an emergency, when above emergency contacts are unavailable, I consent to my child/myself being taken to hospital by a Club Representative or Ambulance at my cost. I acknowledge that netball is a vigorous physical sport and that injuries can be sustained as a result of participation. I agree to play for the Club entirely at my own risk. I also agree to fully indemnify the Club against all costs, claims or demands incurred or brought against the Club arising in any way, whether through injury or otherwise, as a result of my playing for Wesley Netball Club. Please read the full Terms and Conditions here.

I understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions

You can pay by Electronic Funds Transfer or at a Beyond Bank branch. Once you have clicked the REGISTER button above you will receive an email with payment details. Fees are $150 per player (all age groups). If you are eligible and are claiming a Sports Voucher, fees are $50. No payment = no placement in a team.