How much are fees?

Fees for the Winter season per player are $175 (Junior and Senior). The fees cover equipment, umpiring costs, insurance and Association fees.  Fees do not include player uniform costs.

Can I use a Government issued Sports Voucher? (Reception to Yr9 only)

Wesley Netball Club is a registered club for the Sports Voucher Program - an S.A. Government initiative administered by the Office of Recreation and Sport. The program provides an opportunity for school aged children from Reception to Year 9 to receive a $100 discount on registration fees. The purpose is to increase the number of children playing organised sport by reducing cost as a barrier to participate in sport.

Who is eligible?

All South Australian school children in reception to year 9. Remember it is one voucher for every child per calendar year, so can only be used for one sport.

How can I claim?

You must claim the sports voucher and enter your Medicare details during registration. Play HQ will automatically apply the sports voucher discount to your fee payment.

We will verify that you are entitled to the reduced fee with the details you have provided. If the voucher is not accepted by the Office of Recreation and Sport, you will be contacted and will be required to pay the outstanding $100 prior to the commencement of the first match of the season.

How can I get involved with the netball club?

Being involved as a volunteer can be a rewarding experience and we cannot operate without them. Being involved offers the chance to form new friendships with other parents and players and be more involved in your child’s interests. We welcome anyone who is willing to assist. Please let us know by indicating your interest on the registration form or contacting us. Roles and opportunities include:

Committee Member

New Committee members are always welcome please contact the Secretary for more information.


Coaching positions are usually filled from within our netball community, often a parent or relative. Some of our Coaches continue in this role for many years, offering quality coaching to our teams but we welcome anyone who is willing to give coaching a go.

The main attribute needed for coaching is enthusiasm. Coaches usually run the compulsory weekly training session for their team, held at a time suitable to them.

Team Manager

Team Managers assist the Coach in various ways by creating team rosters, managing team equipment, communicating with their players, organising scorecards etc.


We need two umpires for every home match during the season. We are always interested in training and mentoring new umpires (minimum age 14) and welcoming accredited umpires to our roster. Umpires are paid according to their level of accreditation and the grade they umpire.

Umpires require a solid understanding of the rules, the ability to apply the rules with a calm demeanour, a confident and loud voice, white clothing and a whistle.

The Association runs ongoing training/certification courses throughout the season.

For any enquiries regarding Umpiring please contact our Umpire Co-ordinator Kerryn Berry on 0420 981 131.

What are my responsibilities as a player, coach, spectator, umpire?

Players’ code of conduct
  • Play by the rules.
  • Never argue with the umpires. If you disagree, have your Captain approach the Umpires during a break, or after the game.
  • Control your temper. Verbal abuse of umpires, or other players, deliberately distracting or provoking an opponent is not acceptable or permitted.
  • Work equally hard for yourself and your team. Your team's performance will benefit, so will you.
  • Be a good sport. Applaud all good play, whether by your team or the other team.
  • Treat all players as you would like to be treated.
  • Cooperate with your coach, team-mates and opponents. Without them there would be no competition.
  • Don't use derogatory or offensive language.
  • Play fair and in the spirit of the game of netball


As endorsed by the Australian Sports Commission. Any breaches of this ‘Code of Behaviour’ will be dealt with by the Committee, and players may be dismissed from the Club in cases of severe misconduct or repeated offences.

Spectator's code of conduct
  • Encourage your team to play by the rules
  • Do not use derogatory or offensive language to any participant;
  • Do not argue with the Umpire or team officials
  • Act as a role model. Show respect to Umpires and team officials. Lead by example and be reasonable in your expectations
  • Coaches and Umpires are the only people who can instruct players during matches, not spectators
  • Do not assault or act with aggression to any person/s;
  • Do not act in such a way as to exhibit racial intolerance, by language or other conduct, to any person/s

Please read the full Wesley Code of Conduct here.

If you can’t find the answer here, please contact us...